Inspraak FSW

Overview grants

If you have one or more positions in the Student Participation, you will receive the following amounts as compensation for your work. Officially, this compensation is called an administrative scholarship and is paid from the so-called profileringsfonds. All positions are appointed for one academic year and receive monthly payments from September to August. If you are appointed for an alternative period, the coordinators will tell you how much you will be paid and for what period.

You will receive an online form once you are appointed. Then you have to fill in the form and the coordinators will process it. Would you like to know more about this grant? Check the website of the university.

Position Average number of hours Basic amount 2020-2021 One-time charge
Board of Studies Undergraduate School (BoS UGS) 2 hours a week €44,88 a month €53,58
Educational Committee (EC) 2 hours a week €44,88 a month €53,58
Management Team (MT) 2 hours a week €44,88 a month €53,58
Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) 2 hours a week €44,88 a month €53,58
Faculty Council (FR) 12 hours a week €269,27 a month €321,45
Assessor 20 hours a week €448,78 a month €535,75
Coordinators (MeCo’s) 20 hours a week €448,78 a month €535,75