Inspraak FSW

Faculty council

Who are we?

We are 7 students and together with 7 teachers, we form the faculty council of the faculty of social sciences. As the student council, we have our roots in different education programmes of social sciences so we can best represent the different education programmes in the faculty council.

What do we do?

About once a month, we come together with the faculty board to discuss matters that are of concern for the faculty. These matters that we talk about are very diverse; we advise the board about changes in the EER or we can accept the main themes in the budgeting of the faculty. But that is not everything that the faculty council does. As student council, we also work closely together with the OC-chambers and the MT-members of the bachelor participation to be aware of what happens within these education programmes and to be able to improve these programmes. Furthermore, we, as a student council, have our own yearly themes which we use to start and accomplish our own projects.

Do you have questions or comments for us, mail us using this emailadress